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Google ads audit - don't get scroogled by their lousy "ideas".

Are you sick and tired of hearing the same old spiel from your Google Account Manager? I get it. They are sales people, vultures really, and their only goal is to get you to spend more money without any regard for your business goals. To them, your account is a personal piggy bank. They don’t care if you are spending inefficiently, they only want you to spend more.

I take a different approach.  I want you to spend smart.  I will help you eliminate any inefficient spend and reallocate it into areas that will actually drive new growth—and if nothing in your accounts are working, then I’ll fix that.

Even the most skilled PPC managers can benefit from a second set of eyes.  So what are you waiting for?  The audit is 100% free with no commitments.  Just fill out the form below and I will contact you by email for additional details. Within one week you will receive your free Google Ads audit.

Get Your Free Google Ads Audit

Let me audit your account and find you some optimizations – free of charge!

Marty Taylor
Founder of ROAS PPC