Writing Ads That Sell: 7 Foolproof Tips

Here are 7 Tips To Write Killer Ad Copy That Converts Tip 1: Make sure your messaging is crystal clear Remember—you are paying for every single click, so before visitors even reach your website, it is of paramount importance that your ad copy gives the user a clear idea what it is that your company … Read more

Are SKAGs Still A Relevant PPC Strategy?

SKAGs–otherwise known as ‘single keyword ad groups’ have been a popular PPC strategy for awhile now, but is it still a relevant PPC strategy in 2020? The answer to this is yes, but in limited cases. Simply, you don’t need to break out every single search query into its’ own SKAG; that is insane, and … Read more

Should You Still Use Broad Match Keywords?

A question I often hear asked is whether using broad match keywords is still a relevant PPC strategy. I’m not talking about ‘Broad Match Modified’ (the ones with the +symbols) which certainly have use today, but rather, the original broad match keyword targeting that existed since the very beginning. The answer to this is complicated, … Read more