The Expert’s PPC Routine (2019)

Recently while browsing the reddit PPC sub, u/GrowthTomatoes asked a simple but interesting question: What’s your PPC Routine ?

This got me thinking; because there are actually many tasks that need to be performed when managing a large PPC account, so time management, scripting, and delegating is essential to being on top of the game. That being said, here is what the typical month would look like for me, a PPC manager of 8+ years.

First thing in the morning

The first thing I do each morning is check all of the numbers. I do this using Google Sheets and running scripts from the Google and Bing accounts to send the daily numbers to the spreadsheet automatically. The scripts are set to run daily at 4 am, so the numbers are always up-to-date by the time I wake up.

What am I looking for? Anything that stands out. By comparing yesterday’s numbers to the historical daily average I can quickly see if there are any fires that need to be put out, or if something is working especially well. In either case I will want to investigate which will require me to go into the accounts to get more information about what is going on.

The next thing I do is open up my Data Studio reports. These are extremely helpful and will save you so much time in the long run compared to accessing the same data through the Google Ads UI. The way I set up my Data Studio reports are to have the high level information in the first few pages and get more granular as I go.

The image above is a screenshot of the first page of my Data Studio report for this particular account. It offers me the highest level overview, which is looking at the daily and monthly metrics for the entire account. The chart on the bottom right provides a breakdown of spend by ad type, which is something that I have been keeping my eye on lately whist trying to learn how much traffic Google is shifting towards responsive ads.

After evaluating the overall trends, I will move onto the next pages of the Data Studio Report which would be ‘Search – Brand’, Search – NB, ‘Display – Prospecting, ‘Display – Remarketing’. Assuming there are no disasters, I move onto my top individual campaigns. I leave a box for notes on each page and add the date to any big changes I make. A big change would be something like a drastic increase in bid, or changing bidding strategies. If I date those in the note box, then I know what date to look at going forward for the campaign’s daily dimensions; and I can easily compare the historical averages from before and after.