International PPC

World domination — that’s the plan, and we can help you achieve it (and show off our language skills along the way).

From Bangalore to Bangkok, your customers are waiting. International PPC is the quickest and lowest risk method of testing new markets. Don’t let the language barrier curb your global ambitions.

The internet is global and so are we. International expansion is becoming increasingly crucial for business, and while we’re plotting our own world domination, we’re well placed to help you make money in new markets. We have managed campaigns in all European languages as well as Afrikaans and Hindustani.

Here’s how we secure the results you want: We sit one of our Brainboxes down with a native speaker of the target foreign language. This practice allows us to combine supreme expertise in PPC with perfect fluency in the target language as well as expert local knowledge. There’s plenty of badly reworded foreign text online, but you won’t find any in our campaigns. We’ve tried translating campaigns before and the data was conclusive: PPC ads and keywords can’t just be translated from one language to another — they need to be built from scratch.

Simply passing ads and keywords through a translator will result in problems for your campaigns. When creating a keyword list in English, relevant colloquialisms and idiosyncrasies are included to make it as relevant as possible. Simply translating it directly will mean that certain keywords won’t make sense in the foreign language, and relevant foreign slang terms will not be accommodated. To make PPC campaigns as effective as possible, the process of creating ads in a new language must be as thorough as possible. It takes more time this way, but the results are certainly worth the effort.

With linguistic accuracy assured, we can get down to business with our Brainbox Methodology, ensuring the very best results for your business, no matter which countries you’re targeting. If you’re thinking of running international PPC campaigns, get in touch to see if we cover all your languages.