Automatic Reporting For All Google Ads Experiments

Automatic Reporting For All Google Ads Experiments

This script automatically reports on all Google Ads experiments within the account. It does this both through a Google Sheet (where you can see all past test results in a neat and organized view), as well as a daily update by email each morning for active experiments only.

In the Google Sheet, any inactive tests will have their cell shaded grey, and all active tests will have their cell shaded in green.

Setup instructions

1. Create a new google sheet that this script will be able to have write access to. Whatever email address is running the script needs to also have edit access to the spreadsheet or it won’t work.

Pro Tip: If using chrome browser, you can easily create a new google sheet by typing ‘’ into the address bar. Also note – Docs can be created with ‘’ and slides can be created with ‘

2. Navigate to the ‘scripts’ section in your google ads account. Create a new script, and paste in the entire code you just downloaded. You can name the script whatever you want; I named mine ‘Experiments Automated Reporting’.

3. You will need to edit Line 1 and Line 2 of the code to your spreadsheet url and personal email. You can add multiple email recipients by separating each one with a comma – ex: ’’, ’’, ’’, etc, etc.

4. Save the script and set it to run daily each morning so that you get an email with all your active experiments each morning as part of your routine.

5. Enjoy the automated reporting for all your Google Ads experiments!

Run the script manually for the first time if you want to populate the spreadsheet right away. Otherwise wait until it runs the next day as scheduled. If you go into the spreadsheet you will see all of the experiments you have ever ran in the account.

The inactive experiments will be shaded grey like so:

And your active experiments will be shaded green like so:

In addition, all of your active tests will be emailed to you each morning in a format that looks like this:

And that’s everything! Now you can always be on top of the results for everything you are testing, and can even include your client in the email if they want to be in the loop on every test going on. I hope you all enjoy this script, and it makes your life a bit easier as it has for me. Cheers!