Are SKAGs Still A Relevant PPC Strategy?

SKAGs–otherwise known as ‘single keyword ad groups’ have been a popular PPC strategy for awhile now, but is it still a relevant PPC strategy in 2020?

The answer to this is yes, but in limited cases. Simply, you don’t need to break out every single search query into its’ own SKAG; that is insane, and extremely inefficient to manage. I recommend a different approach. Instead of breaking out every single keyword into its’ own SKAG, do it only for high volume, high converting terms instead.

To do this, find the top keywords that make up 80% of your sales, and separate them out into SKAGs. For everything else, you can simply use tightly themed ad groups consisting of approximately 5 – 10 keywords each. This will make account optimization much easier compared to trying to do everything in SKAGs, and will still allow you to have total control over the bid and ad copy on those keywords that really matter.

You will need to also add these keywords as negative exact match to all the non-SKAG ad groups so that there is no cross contamination. Ideally, you will want 100% of all search queries for your top terms to go to the appropriate SKAG you have dedicated for it. This will give you complete control over the bid and ad copy for these terms, and also make it easier for you to keep an eye on them.

TLDR Version:

  • SKAGs are still relevant in 2020, but use them sparingly. Create SKAGS only for your high traffic, high converting terms.
  • Keep a list of all your SKAG keywords and apply them as negatives to the non-SKAG ad groups to avoid cross-contamination.

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